Jib furlers JB

JIBER is a structural jib or genoa furler that works without the usual aluminum extruded foils.

The rod forestay is linked to the drum and swivel, and rotates to transmit the torque and furl the sail.

The sail can be hoisted up and down, while the halyard tension can be adjusted at any time. The shuttle locks in position and unlocks automatically, guaranteeing faster, safer sailing and better boat handling.

Given that the JIBER is used exactly like a conventional furler, the sailor needs no specific training in order to enjoy its benefits.

The jib can be attached to the forestay using 2 systems: soft hanks, zip bag. The jib with soft hanks or zip bags can be taken down extremely fast when needed and much faster than conventional furlers.

Not having the aluminium foil means that we save approximately 30 kg against the best competitors.

30 kg may not seem much, but they count for a lot! The Jiber is like sailing with 2 people hiking on the rails.

An additional benefi t of the Jiber is the achievement of better upwind performance thanks to reduced drag and windage near the leading edge of the jib, allowing the boat to sail higher and faster.

Another bonus is that the smaller dimensions of the device allows for bigger sails, and they can be used reefed!

Now owners that enjoy club racing don’t need to choose between the performance of tuff -luff or the easiness of a furler.

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