Deck equipment

Ubi Maior offers a complete range of deck equipment and accessories.

Our full set of rings: Barber rings (AB), Low friction rings (AN) and Loop Sheeve (LS), is suitable in case of high static loads (backstay, attacks flying, etc..) and any other application where super smooth running is not required. Rings with special measurements can be produced by our custom department.

Snatch Blocks (PA), designed according to the YACHT CLUB layout, are useful in any situation. These snatch blocks, built in ALUMINUM alloy 6082T6, guarantee great strength and are simple to use. The rotating opening system ensures the hold of the line in case of accidental opening and the piston spring makes installation and closing quick and easy.

Shackles connector (ALUMINIUM alloy 6082T6), with captive Pin AISI 316), for main halyard (Gd). These shackles have the eye of the halyard falls (used even for halyard 2:1) and the seat for the ring of the head of the sail. Lightweight and durable, they replace normal steel shackles having equal strength and less weight . Shackles HI MOD 17-4 Ph (Ghr, used in the RT REGATA line) are produced in Europe.

Halyard Blocks with 2:1 purchase (Pd). Built in ALUMINUM alloy 6082T6 with a Stainless Steel Pin, these blocks halve the load on halyard and mast.

Cross Over blocks (CO) are perfect for installation behind the stopper to deflect the line onto the opposite winch without creating a corner, leaving the stopper or using the base of the winch as a cross over. Made from ALUMINUM alloy 6082T6 with a DELRIN sheave and bearings, these blocks come with a clamping plate.

Through deck fittings (HPD) (FPD), only ones on the market in aluminum. Ideal for connection of tack, fixed point hoists, connection for blocks and many other. They are available fixed deck version or removable cover, with steel base. Through deck fittings with textile fixing (SPD). They ensure lightness to the hull. Both parts are screwed together to provide easy adjustment for different deck thicknesses.