Your sailing experience made easier and safer

Made of composite fiberglass or carbon fiber, they are state of the art with an innovative and intelligent winding system. MAINFURL has very extensive knowledge and experience of these materials, this is your guarantee for the highest quality product.

It is designed to fit all sailboat masts from 35 to 90 feet without drilling, making it a "plug'n play" solution.

Whether manual or electric, you operate it from the cockpit, making handling safe and easy.

Innovation and elegance in carbon fiber

It comes with a unique winding system, either manual with an endless brush, or electric with a Reckmann motor integrated into the mandrel and safely regulated by a control panel.

You can choose any RAL color , or a clear varnish to emphasize the beauty of carbon fiber.

The furling boom has been developed, built and perfected for over 20 years.

At the cutting edge of technology, it comes with a body made of high quality fiberglass or carbon fiber, two very durable and light materials guaranteeing very high resistance.

At the cutting edge of technology, it comes with a high-quality fiberglass or carbon fiber body, two highly durable and lightweight materials guaranteeing very high strength.

Every detail has been studied to make the boom both practical and elegant in its timeless design.

Steen Kjølhede

 MAINFURL Technical Manager 


Steen Kjølhede has worked on sailboats all his life, competing in the Olympics in the Finn class and winning several international and national championships in several classes.

He was the designer of the famous production boat Ylva in Denmark, sails at Elvstrøm Sails, aluminum and carbon masts at Nordic Mast. Over the past 20 years, Steen has developed an in-boom mainsail furling system that has become a popular product. Based on Steen’s experience, the MAINFURL furling boom was born and comes in 9 models.