The famous MASTCLIMBER well known to solo sailors !

The MASTCLIMBER is simple to implement, its robust construction will allow you years of use.

The MASTCLIMBER is the only system which makes it possible to go up to the mast using mainly the legs, alone, to remain comfortably seated, for a long time, while having your hands free to work. And also to be able to access the top of the mat without getting out of the chair.

The MASTCLIMBER consists of 3 parts: 1) a rigid and comfortable caulking chair, with a raised lumbar support, and its wedge, and 2) a double strap for the feet, with its own wedge, and 3) the storage bag which becomes the tool bag.

  1. a rigid, comfortable caulking chair, with lumbar support and wedge
  2. a double strap for the feet, complete with its own clamp
  3. the storage bag, which becomes the tool bag.