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Published on: 13-07-2024

The Jiber furling system manufactured by Ubi Maior and distributed by Nautex is remarkable in several respects.

The sail can be attached to the forestay using 2 systems: small straps with a T-bone, or a zipped sleeve. In both cases, the jib can be put in and taken out much faster than with conventional furlers.

Not having aluminum elements around the forestay means we save over 30 kg compared to the conventional system, which may not seem like much, but those kilos count for a lot, especially when they're up top!

An additional benefit is better upwind performance thanks to reduced drag and drift near the leading edge of the jib, enabling the boat to make more headway and sail faster.

In addition to being able to adjust halyard tension at any time, the Jiber's small dimensions allow larger sails to be used with one reef.

No need to choose between the performance of a tuff-luff or the ease of a furler, here you have the benefits of both in a single system.

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Key Products
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